Our History

Hi, my name is Robin Dawe and I’m the owner of YourPhotoRestored. I’m a photographer by profession. You can email me using the email address above or contact me via the Contact Us link below.

In the past few years, more and more people have been asking me to digitally restore family photos and I have been amazed by the quality that can be achieved and by the clear emotional response and relief that a restored photograph can bring to people we know!

And, that the photo can then be shared through modern technology such as email!  Printed as many times as you like!  Relief!

How great is it to take a treasured, one of a kind family photo off the wall in your home.  Battered and worn by the ravages of time and then, after a brief period of time be able to send emails off to any family members & friends containing a near perfect image of that was once nearly lost?   Some people liken what we do to bringing the people back to life.  For you that know me and have said this, thank you.

A bit about me…
Photography is my passion, plain and simple.  I hope my photographs create a reaction, good or bad!   For me, the eyes have it, always did, always will.  You either know what I mean or you don’t!

My first camera was [we think!] a Box Brownie a present from my Granddad.  I used to take pictures when we went on family holidays. It led to me becoming a professional photographer working on local and national newspapers, magazines and television.

I like to travel and always take my camera with me.   My sister, Elizabeth, has always been interested our family history.

It was interesting to me when we found that not only did our father photograph weddings as a side line but my grandfather photographically recorded rural Kent.

Amazingly even further back, my great great grandfather and his son were taking high quality society portraits in the 1850s and 1860s. The photographic plates are held in Kensington library as leading examples of fine portraiture photography from that era.

Well, good for them!  Fascinating for me!

My photography website is www.robindawephotography.co.uk

Robin Dawe - the owner of Your Photo Restored Robin Dawe - Owner of Your Photo Restored

Sample gallery image of a restored and colourised photo of a father and his two sons on a pebble beach